How to Safely Wear Your Contact Lenses and Keep Them Clean

Summary: Wearing contact lenses is a full-time job that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are some reasons why you should never treat them with a lack of care.

Contact lenses are delicate vision correction tools that should be treated with care. This means you should always be following your optometrist’s directions to ensure a safe wearing experience.

Some of the Risks

Contact lenses that are expired or aren’t correctly fitted for your eyes can cause irritation and even damage. Moreover, they can also cause blood vessels to grow into the cornea, which is a dangerous condition that requires invasive surgery.

It is important to remove your contact lenses at any time if your eyes watery, sensitive to light, or red. You should also do the same if you have blurred vision or notice any abnormal discharge coming from the infected eye.

The Importance of Cleaning

Cleaning is the most important part of wearing contact lenses. Whether they are multifocal lenses or another type of lens, it is important that you remove them from your eye before you put the lens back in.

Now, there are many types of cleaning solutions that you can purchase over the counter. The choice depends on the type of lens that you are currently wearing, if you have allergies, or if your eyes are prone to forming protein deposits, make sure to consult with your eye doctor to ensure the contact lenses that you are getting are right for your eyes.

In order to avoid dangerous eye infections, be sure to follow the schedule that your eye doctor provided, remove your lenses before taking a shower or swimming, wash your hands before touching your contacts, and follow the directions from the lens cleaning solution manufacturer. If you order contacts online from one of the many suppliers, it is important that you read the back of the box to ensure the manufacturer doesn’t have any additional instructions that you must adhere to.

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