How Can I Tell If I Meet The Minimum Vision Requirements To Drive In California?

Article submitted by Delta Driving School

The most common eye test, and the one that is often used to determine if you can see well enough to drive, is called a Snellen Chart. You have undoubtedly seen one of these charts somewhere as a poster with one big letter at the top and each line of letters below that being increasingly smaller and smaller.

These charts are easy to get, and you can check yourself at home if you are in doubt as to whether your sight is good enough to pass. Start by pining up the poster to a wall, measuring, and marking a line twenty feet away from it where you will be standing. Normal vision is 20/20 which means that at twenty feet away you should be able to read the top eight lines.

In order to pass the sight acuity test in order to get a driver’s license, however, you only need to have a sight of 20/40 in at least one of your eyes. So, if you can read the top five lines of the graph with both eyes open then you pass. It is perfectly acceptable to be wearing corrective lenses of some kind for this.

If your sight is closer to 20/200 and the only line you are able to read is the very top letter, then it is still possible to get a driver’s license in California but you will have to pass extra tests and have an eye-doctor sign something saying that you can compensate efficiently enough to drive.

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