What Are Toric Contact Lenses and Do You Need Them?

Summary: Toric contact lenses are a special type of contact lenses designed for those that have an irregularly shaped cornea.

Toric contact lenses are designed for patients that suffer from astigmatism and works to correct the refractive error that is commonly caused by the irregular shape of the cornea. These specialized lenses are sold by a majority of the leading contact lens brands, meaning you have an array of options to choose from.

What Are They?

As mentioned above, toric contact lenses correct vision issues for those that have an abnormally shaped cornea. Created to look like a ring as opposed to the standard spherical lens, these contacts create vertical and horizontal refractive power that increases or decreases depending on the lens movement.

Patients who suffer from astigmatism may want to wear normal contact lenses but after a while may notice that they do not sit comfortable on the eyes, which in turn, directly affects visual clarity. This is because the cornea is not shaped normally so manufacturers need to use various methods to make sure there is a type of lens that will rest comfortably.

Are They Right for You?

It’s up to your optometrist to determine whether you need toric contact lenses or not. While the information above may check off boxes in your head, your eye doctor still needs to do a full exam to check the curvature of your eye and whether you meet the requirements of these specialized lenses. Keep in mind, not every person that suffers from astigmatism will need toric contacts. There are a variety of characteristics that your doctor needs to take a look at before recommending these lenses to you.

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