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Relieve your back pain

Are you feeling any kind of pain in your back or maybe in your arms or legs? Most of the time, doctors can’t diagnose where the pain is coming from, and it just won’t go away. It’s highly likely that there is something wrong with your neuromusculoskeletal system. Your basic…


Forget the Apple Watch, let your skin become the display

This new technology is championed by Professor Takao Someya and Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota, a team of researchers from the University of Tokyo. They created a new patent pending film that produces electronic displays on the human skin. Forget e-readers, let’s talk about e-Skin, or the new iSkin concept!! The tech…


8 Tips to get ready for a Massage

By Garden Retreat Spa There are a number of asian massage parlor nyc. Most of these massage parlours offer their customers  full body massages that are relaxing but can be costly. Here are expert tips that will help you get the most out of your massage. Be open to the…


The Economic Effects of the Ebola Outbreak

By Phin Upham In 2014, an outbreak of Ebola spread throughout West Africa, creating a global panic and taking the lives of more than 3,000 people. The images were horrible, the stories even more tragic. The fallout was felt globally. Africa was on the verge of growing, and had been…


Why Squats Are a Necessary Addition to a Workout Routine

Written by: Nick Di Ruscio Squats are one of the most difficult exercises to perform, and if you don’t what you’re doing you can cause serious damage to your legs, back, and upper body. Rather than jumping in, let’s dissect what makes squats such an effective exercise for your body….


How to Choose a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Dental visits should be fun for your young one! A kid-friendly facility creates an exciting environment for obtaining oral treatment. Here’s what you’ll find in a dental practice offering quality care. Contact With the Staff is Pleasant and Efficient Employees are committed to excellent service and giving you prompt attention….


The Legacy and Legends Surrounding Hippocrates

By Phin Upham Hippocrates is widely considered to be the father of Western Medicine because of his thoughts on how to care for a patient. By today’s standards, his tactics might seem rudimentary, but he discussed in detail the concepts behind medical diagnosis. He is one of the first people…


Flaxseeds and gastrointestinal benefits

Article written by Coleanse Diet Pills. One of the ingredients used to treat gastrointestinal (GI) tract related conditions is flaxseed. Wide range of GI issues including constipation, damaged colon, diarrhea, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), many conditions associated with the linings of the GI tract, and ulcerative colitis are some…


Anthraquinones to provide gentle cleansing of your colon

Article written by Coleanse Pills. A naturally occurring group of colorful organic compound known as anthraquinones (also called anthracenedione or dioxeanthracene) has been found to provide a safe, gentle and sufficient laxative stimulant to your body. Additional uses of anthraquinones as a medical compound include antimalarial, treatment of cancer, and…


How much African mango to take for weight loss?

Article written by Cellan. Undoubtedly African mango helps to increase appetite and metabolism, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, lose weight and bring many other benefits. But many ask the question how much of a dosage they need to take every day to get the benefits of African mango. It depends…


Take steps to keep bloating away

Article written by Coleanse Diet Pills. The feeling of puffy belly, gas, irregularity, abdominal discomfort, and water retention are all part of bloating. It is not limited to one season or to holidays. Many believe that bloating is caused by over eating, eating fatty acid containing food, and even eating…