How Kratom is Reinventing the Word “Euphoria”

Summary: With the surge in kratom distribution, it’s only a matter of time before it starts getting the spotlight by medical professionals.

No two people can have the same reaction to an herbal substance. While it may seem that way, the effects that herbs like kratom can have on a person depends on a variety of factors like the user’s body mass, health, and other aspects that can’t be duplicated.

However, despite this, there are some effects that kratom gives off that tend to be the same in most of today’s kratom users. Here are some experiences that you might go through if you’re looking to try kratom for the very first time.

Kratom Isn’t a Drug, But a Supplement

Various users and sites have claimed that kratom’s value extends beyond providing the user with a sense of euphoria. Rather it can also function as a treatment for chronic pain, improve libido, and makes an amazing preworkout supplement. Some users went as far as claiming that kratom has helped their fibromyalgia and has even helped their anxiety to the point where they come off the prescription benzos that have been plaguing them.

The Reviews Are In

The proof is in the print. An overwhelming number of online kratom reviews have been primarily positive due to the wide array of benefits that it can offer an individual. Those that are negative are usually pointed towards those that sell kratom like it’s a drug on the street as opposed to the actual herb.

Kratom is a Growing Enterprise

Kratom has become so popular that it’s spread into the mainstream scene and many dispensaries have opened up, so the public can try the herbal drug that’s taking the world over by storm. Entrepreneurs like Sebastian Guthery for example, have taken noticed of this explosion and cashed in by opening various dispensaries around the United States. Contrary to the old adage, business can’t mix with pleasure, with kratom, it’s all about spreading the word that there is a safer alternative than recreational and prescription drugs.

Blog submitted by: Sebastian Guthery, who is a leader in Kratom activism and awareness. Guthery grew up in Wichita, Kansas but now lives and works in San Diego, CA. Visit Sebastian Guthery’s Linkedin page for more info.