Nine Qualities of a Good Massage Therapist

With many Asian massage parlor NYC opening in the city, it can be difficult to select a spa and a therapist that best suits your needs. Here are a few qualities that you should look out for in a good massage therapist.

Ability to self-promote – Massage therapist that have the experience and the qualifications to match, will have the confidence to attract new clients and promote themselves effectively.

Business management skills – Massage therapist that have been qualified to manage a massage business will be able to handle a business and work freelance when required.

Creates a relaxing atmosphere – A massage therapist should be able to use various techniques to create a relaxing atmosphere like dim lighting, soothing scents, or music.

Excellent customer service skills – A therapist who has good customer service skills will make a client feel comfortable and confident in the services they are about to enjoy.

Interpersonal skills – Interpersonal skills are a must for a good quality massage therapist, as clients want to have a rapport with their therapist since a massage is a very personal experience.

Knowledge of proper technique – Different massage types will require different techniques. Therefore good massage therapists will specialize in the area they prefer.

Manual dexterity – experts suggests that a good therapist should be strong and have the manual dexterity to perform complicated maneuvers that massage therapy requires.

Physical Stamina – Since massages last as long at 1 and a half hours, a good therapist should have the stamina to handle long periods of rigorous physical effort.