The Curative Effects of Chinese Massage Therapy

Chinese massage therapy follows Traditional Chinese Medicine and includes some ancient massage techniques to cure a variety of health maladies. Chinese massage therapy also includes elements of spirituality, healing, and martial arts. Most therapies have elements of acupressure, acupuncture, and herbal remedies to treat ailments and promote wellness. Asian Massage NYC parlors offer some the following massage techniques.

Tui Na – Tui Na is one of the most popular techniques of Chinese The technique involves applying deep and constant massage over the body and concentrates on the back. Tui Na is best for patients with chronic pains, sprains, arthritic pains, and musculoskeletal problems.

An Mo – An Mo Massage helps to improve calmness, balance, and relaxation to the entire body. The technique does not concentrate on one body part and instead looks to improve overall wellness.

Dian Xue – Dian Xue is a technique that uses acupressure to improve the flow in the body. The technique stimulates the organs to reduce pain and improve overall health.

Asian massage parlor NYC have been known to cure the following alignments;

Soft tissues injuries – Chinese massages help to ease stiffness and pain and are popular in the treatment of lower back pain, sciatica, sprains and frozen shoulders.

Increase range of motion – Chinese massages help to break down scar tissues to reduce swelling, inflammation and boost the range of motion.

Reduce circulatory problems – Blockages in one’s arteries can cause circulation problem in the entire body. Chinese massages can restore and rejuvenate the body, while loosening