The pros and cons of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

As the covid-19 vaccine is made available in many countries, people will have to determine for themselves if the benefit of getting vaccinated outweighs the risks. The following facts may help you decide if getting vaccinated is the right choice.

The vaccine has passed all required tests- All covid-19 vaccines have been tested on over 30,000 people and passed all required tests to distribute them to the general public. Tests have not shown any severe side effects, but some have had mild side effects such as injection site pain, tiredness, mild headaches, and body aches.

Long-term side effects – As the vaccine has only been developed and tested for a very short period, its long-term safety is not fully known. But experts say that other widely used vaccines have shown no long-term side-effects and they expect this vaccine to be no different.

It is effective – The vaccine is 95% effective, which means that the vaccine is one of the best ways of protection against catching the disease. However, experts are not yet sure as to its efficacy and predict that a booster shot may be required next year.

It is important to note that the virus has a 1% fatality rate, and it is very contagious. People who have been infected with the virus say that they faced severe brain fog, headaches, and breathing difficulties months after their recovery. Taking the vaccine can help you and your family live a healthy, socially active lifestyle, safely.

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