The advantages of getting dental implants

Your smile is noticed by everyone you meet, which makes it one of the most important features of your face. Missing one or a few teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious and socializing uncomfortable.

If you are considering dental implants you should visit an experienced dentist, who specializes in attaching dental implants. Firstly, your dentist will assess your condition to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. For dental implants to be secured you will require good bone density and healthy gums. If you suffer from gum disease or any other health condition which affects healing, it is best to consider dentures until your health condition improves.

Dental implants are a comfortable and convenient option, here’s why:

Dental implants can be easily attached – An experienced dentist can attach a dental implant quickly with very little discomfort. Often dental implants will be less painful than a tooth extraction. The process will involve attaching a dental root made of titanium to your jaw. Once the root is attached, it will be left for a few weeks to fuse to your jaw, this process is called osseointegration. After your synthetic root is stable, your dentist will attach an artificial tooth.

Implants are hassle-free – Dental implants are fused with your jaw using titanium, which means that there is little to no movement. Implants don’t involve messy dental solutions and potentially embracing situations that come with removable dentures. Cleaning and maintaining your implants will require no extra work on your part, other than brushing your teeth and flossing as you usually do.

Your natural mouth structure is maintained – Dental implants are directly attached to your jaw which means that they don’t require support from nearby teeth.

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