Take steps to keep bloating away

Article written by Coleanse Diet Pills.

The feeling of puffy belly, gas, irregularity, abdominal discomfort, and water retention are all part of bloating. It is not limited to one season or to holidays. Many believe that bloating is caused by over eating, eating fatty acid containing food, and even eating too fast could lead to the condition. Some of known food items that cause bloating include beans, vegetables including broccoli and cabbage, dairy products, and fruits including prunes. Some of your habits such as smoking and eating too much whole grains could contribute to the condition. Certain food contributes more than others to produce gas in the abdomen. One way to avoid bloating is by avoiding those food items that are known to cause the condition. Swallowed air contributes to gas and without you knowing you swallow air while chewing gum and drinking soda can also contribute to the condition. Many believe having the colon working properly helps to avoid the condition. Coleanse Diet is a supplement that contains many proven ingredients to regulate colon function and remove bloating.

Bloating is an uneasy feeling in your abdomen that can be caused by many reasons. Avoiding food that causes bloating may help to stop the condition. Many use supplements such as Coleanse to cleanse the colon and keep bloating away.