How much African mango to take for weight loss?

Article written by Cellan.

Undoubtedly African mango helps to increase appetite and metabolism, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, lose weight and bring many other benefits. But many ask the question how much of a dosage they need to take every day to get the benefits of African mango.

It depends on the purpose and your weight loss goals. Let’s explore the benefits of African mango as a weight reducer. Dosage of 3.15 g per day as well as 300 mg per day could bring similar results. Published reports indicate that a study conducted by the University of Yaounde using a double blind test show promising weight loss results from African mango. A group of adults who took African mango for two weeks shown 2.91 percent weight decrease compared to a control group that took a placebo (oat bran) whom loss only 1.32 percent. According to the results of the study a person weighing 200 pounds would have lost 5.8 pounds with African mango compared to 2.64 pounds loss with oat bran. Cellan contains dried and powdered seeds of African mango.

Researchers find that inner seeds of African mango to contain qualities that helps to lose weight. This prompted Cellan Diet to use African mango as one of its main ingredients.