Swim your way to fitness and good health

Article written by Çéllan

Swimming is widely considered as the best form of exercise – the only drawback here is that you have to find a pool to swim in. If you don’t mind getting wet and perhaps the occasional swimmer’s ear every now and then, swimming will work wonders for you, your body, and your metabolism. For starters, it’s a great cardio workout since it gets your heart rate up and your lungs working overtime. Another huge benefit of swimming is that it is an intense exercise that does not put too much stress on any bones or joints.

This is precisely because you are exercising in water, and gravity will not take its toll on your knees or ankles. Swimming burns a lot of calories since your body is literally working to stay afloat whenever you swim. And the amount of calories that you burn when you swim is as much as running a ten-minute mile – a pace that most people can barely maintain. It also kick starts your metabolism because your body is at work for an extended period of time.

If you’re asthmatic, swimming allows you to hit two birds with one stone because not only will it help you get fit, it will also allow your lungs to become much stronger. That’s because breathing while you’re in the water is harder to due because water is more dense than air, making your lungs work harder to breathe in the same amount of air. Sounds like it’s about time for you to love the water.