Belching could be easily dealt with

Article written by Coleanse.

Burping or belching is one way that excess gas from the stomach gets out. There are many reasons what causes belching. Swallowing air due to fast eating or quick drinking could lead to belching. Talk while eating, chewing gum, eating hard candy, smoke and even alcohol could cause belching. People who are nervous may experience the condition. Those who are suffering from acid reflux disease (GERD) may also experience belching due to repeated swallowing of material that backs up in the esophagus.

Taking your time to chew food, avoiding alcohol and smoking, cutting carbonated drinks and chewing gums, and treating frequent heartburn may help to alleviate the condition. People who are wearing dentures should check it for fit because poorly fitting dentures could cause excess air to be swallowed. One other proven way to avoid belching is to cleanse the colon using a supplement such as Coleanse to remove partially digested food matter that could contribute to the condition.

Belching could be caused by many reasons including fast eating and swallowing of excessive air. Keeping the colon working properly with the help of a proven supplement such as Coleanse Diet may help to ease belching.