Three Countries Where You Can Find the Best Ibogaine Treatment Centers

The rising popularity of ibogaine for opiate addiction and depression has made the drug a topic of curiosity for many people looking for alternative therapies for depression and different types of addiction. Despite the demonstrated efficacy of this new treatment, it is not legal in countries such as the United States, Sweden, and France. Potential patients will need to travel to countries where it is legal to experience ibogaine’s effectiveness in blocking the neurochemicals that cause cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Here are three countries where you can get access to top-quality ibogaine treatments.


In 2014, ibogaine was legalized for prescription use in Brazil. As a result, licensed medical clinics in Brazil have begun offering ibogaine treatments for addiction, often in tandem with ketamine treatments for depression. Since both of these drugs can have unwanted side effects if taken without medical supervision, undergoing these treatments under the watchful eye of qualified medical professionals is the best way to experience these treatments.


Because of the absence of any sort of ban on ibogaine in Mexico, many ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico have sprung up, such as Beond Ibogaine. Because of Beond Ibogaine’s highly respected and certified physicians and ACLS-certified nurses, you can be assured that your treatment will be as safe and effective as possible.

New Zealand

Although New Zealand initially listed ibogaine as a non-approved prescription medicine in 2009, it is currently completely legalized. The stigma towards ibogaine has significantly dissipated in New Zealand due to their medical advisory board Medsafe’s findings stating that more patients have died from consuming highly-controlled substances than ibogaine. As a result, patients can find many ibogaine clinics throughout the country.