The Risks Involved with Too Much Sun


Everyone loves to spend time outdoors under the sun. There’s a very good reason for it too. Aside from all the fun activities you can take part in, getting out under the sun is actually good for your health. Among other things, your body gets vitamin D from sun exposure which it then uses to help control cholesterol. Given the amount of heart disease around the world, a little more sun could be a huge plus.

The problem is that too many people take this too far. They spend hours on end in front of the sun, usually in the hopes of catching a fantastic tan. While there’s no arguing with the fact that a tan looks great, the problem is that overexposure is never a good thing.

For one thing, your skin will prematurely age. It’d be interesting to see how many people could ditch much of their skin regime if they’d just go easy on solar exposure. Too much sun helps define your wrinkles and brings out age spots as well.

Furthermore, getting too much sun is a surefire way to contract skin cancer. Obviously there’s nothing attractive about that.

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