Why Squats Are a Necessary Addition to a Workout Routine

Written by: Nick Di Ruscio

Squats are one of the most difficult exercises to perform, and if you don’t what you’re doing you can cause serious damage to your legs, back, and upper body. Rather than jumping in, let’s dissect what makes squats such an effective exercise for your body.


Squats practically work every muscle in your entire body. Well, maybe not every muscle, but it isn’t far from the truth. Squats have the ability to cut fat and lose weight. Additionally, they can build muscle on your legs and back relatively quickly with the right form. It’s a great addition to a workout routine for all the right reasons. Over time, you’ll start to experience strength in all parts of your body like your lower body, your knees, and your legs.

Prioritize Safety

Sure, since all the other guys in the gym are squatting 4 plates, you might want to do the same. But, you’re not just going to walk out with a bruised ego, you could also tear a ligament or even suffer a more serious injury. If you’re not able to perform squats at a high weight, it’s better to start out small and focus more on your form. Squat racks often come with safety bars that can lock into place if need be. Start out with just the bar and slowly add weight when you become more comfortable. While you may not feel like an Olympian in the process, the more important thing is that you’ll be safe and keeping the proper form.