Solutions for Pets With Noise Phobias

Our pets are just like family. We care for them and want them to be safe and happy. But sometimes a pet can have noise phobias. At the sound of a loud noise such as a car horn or the slamming of a door, they start to freak out. This can be distressing for both the pet and the family.

Is Medication a Good Idea?

If you take your pet to the vet, he or she may suggest several different solutions. One of those is medication. Today, there are multiple pet medications that can help with anxiety. First, take your pet to the vet for a thorough exam. They’ll check to see if there are any outstanding health problems that may have contributed to the situation.

Are There Safer Ways to Treat Noise Phobia?

Actually, there are a few very effective ways to deal with this problem that are natural and will just take a bit of extra work on the owner’s part. These solutions will not harm your pet. Try one or more of these next time there’s thunder or fireworks and see how your pet responds.

A fearful dog may search for a safe dark place to hide. Go ahead and set up a place like this where your pet can go.

Sing to your dog or cat or play soothing music. There are now specific sound tracks that have been created for the sole purpose of calming your pet.

Distract your dog by playing fetch.

Behavior modification works on both humans and pets. Start by creating a different setting around a noise event. Instead of both of you freaking out, grab a favorite snack, put on a favorite TV show, play a favorite game.

Sound proofing foam can help as well. You don’t need to do this in every room. Just choose the room that your pet spends the most time in. Sound proofing foam comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s easy to install and inexpensive.

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