Simple colonoscopy can help to find colon polyps

Article written by Coleanse. Certain groups with a family history of colon or rectal cancer are at risk for colon or rectal cancer than others. Coleanse Diet is an all- natural product that helps to maintain proper functioning of the colon.

We always wonder what makes us high risk for colon cancer. Cancers in the rectum or colon are known as colon or colorectal cancer. It begins with a growth in the tissue in the colon or rectum that is called polyps and can be found with a simple colonoscopy before it becomes a cancer. Since it is hard to find symptoms at the onset, it makes it harder to treat early. People with a known family history for colon or rectal cancer are at high risk. They should get a colonoscopy after age 40 and repeat it every ten years. Others can start screening at age 50. Those who had colorectal cancer before are at risk for reoccurring conditions and therefore, should do routine testing. Another group that is at risk for developing this condition is those with more colon polyps. Polyps can be removed early on before developing into a serious health condition if found with a routine screening. Keep your colon cleansed with a product such as Coleanse.