How To Make A Vegetable Garden Have Feng Shui

Article by Wicker Paradise .

While you might not have thought of this before, feng shui is something that is just as easy to do in a vegetable garden as it is to do with a purely decorative one. Instead of focusing on the shapes of the leaves with your vegetables, you focus on the colors that go with the different areas.

Plant purple eggplant in the southeast for wealth next to your red tomatoes or strawberries in the south where your fame is. The pink in the southwest can be a little bit more of a challenge but some kinds of snow peas have small pink flowers that fit this one nicely.

When it comes to things other than your vegetables, the metal area of your garden in the west is the perfect place to put your metal gardening tools. Or you could add a medal wind chime instead. Gray is a good color for the northwest which is why you should put herbs like sage that have silvery leaves here, some varieties of kohlrabi also have the right color to be placed here.

North is water where a bird bath can be placed for bees to stop at as they pollinate your plants. Blueberries or other blue things go in the northeast next to a wicker chair for a place for you to sit and relax in the wood element in the east. At the center of it all is yellow for bright sunflowers or yellow bell peppers or squash.

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