Forget the Apple Watch, let your skin become the display

This new technology is championed by Professor Takao Someya and Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota, a team of researchers from the University of Tokyo. They created a new patent pending film that produces electronic displays on the human skin. Forget e-readers, let’s talk about e-Skin, or the new iSkin concept!!

The tech looks closely similar to plastic Siran wrap from your kitchen except it incorporates OLED technology.  This new transparent wrap is also breathable and allows sweat to pass through it. So the shelf life of the product goes from a few hours to now working for days on test subjects.

The medical possibilities are thought provoking too…..Imagine taking a person’s pulse and blood oxygen concentrations while they are wearing this instead of needing bulky machines attached to patients.

It could also be used by athletes to keep track of their stamina and progress with the lightest display possible on their hand. Imagine the potential for skincare and prevention of damage in real time. It could analyze how much UV light your skin has had during the day and warn you when you need to get shade, apply sunscreen again, or warn you about sunburns.

What other possibilities do you think this technology may have in store for the future?  Could it also useful for diabetics, stroke victims, or pregnant moms about to give birth?