What Can You Do With Old Eyeglasses

If it’s time to get a new pair of eyeglasses or get contact lenses, you might be wondering what you’re going to do with your outdated frames. Sure, you can toss them away but that can be a waste of money. If this sounds familiar to you, and you’re wondering what you could do with all of the frames you don’t use, here are some options to explore.

Use Them in Emergency Situations

On occasion, you’ll find yourself in a situation where your brand-new frames break. When this happens, you’ll likely need to go to the nearest store and either buy new frames or have them repaired – which obviously takes time. If you have an old pair of glasses, you can keep them handy for these emergency situations so you won’t lose a step.

Recycle Them

No matter the condition of your glasses, you can recycle them. Your frames likely consist of plastic, metal, or a combination of the two. Now, your old glasses are broken down into smaller pieces and used to make new things. It’s a fantastic way of repurposing your old frames and helping the recycle process.

Donate Them

Another viable options is to donate your old frames to a local charity or organization. There are some establishments that will take your glasses, repurpose them, and give them to those that cannot afford eyeglasses.

Some charities will also help get prescriptions for the less fortunate and place the new lenses in the frames for free. Although these old glasses may not mean much to you, they could literally change lives in the hands of the right people.