5 Everyday Noises that Can Damage your Hearing

Our ears are miraculously designed to hear everything from a baby’s cry to the sound of a thunderstorm. We all get accustomed to hearing so many different sounds each day that we don’t even realize it.

Occasionally, the loud sound of thunder will catch you off guard. You might have teens who play their music too loud. You may work in an office or factory with loud sounds. Over the years, we can get so used to hearing these sounds that we don’t realize that they may be damaging our hearing. Below are 5 sounds that you probably hear on a regular basis that could damage your hearing.

Loud music-Sometimes it’s not just teenagers who play the music too loud. Most of us go to concerts or even church where the sound is way too loud. Anything over 100 decibels can hurt your ears.

Heavy machinery-Do you work in a factory where there are big machines running all day? Be sure to wear ear plugs.

Hunting or target shooting-The noise that guns make can be deafening. Be sure to wear professional ear protection.

Sporting events-The crowd noise at a big football game can reach the level of a roar and stay there for the entire game.

Lawn equipment-Trimmers, edgers and mowers make a very specific loud noise that will damage hearing over time.

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