Wine & Dine Your Way to Health

Drinking one or two glasses of red wine before bed has been studied for years and has been shown to have health benefits that are now beginning to be fully embraced by the general public. Red wine in moderation reduces the risk of heart disease substantially, with recent studies showing that men and women that consumed 5 to 10 ounces daily could improve heart health. Those that have adopted this more Mediterranean way of consuming spirits can begin seeing signs of improvement in their health in as little as a few weeks. The following tips can help you make the switch from cocktails that damage your organs to red wine that heals them.

Butters & Oils

Although butter is always better than processed margarines, instead try to use olive or canola oil whenever possible. They can be used as a substitute in recipes that call for butter and also taste great when used as a dip or spread.

Spice It Up!

Spices do more than just add zest to foods. They also add more nutritional agents and healthy properties. O look beyond the typical salt and pepper and make those dishes come to life!

Red Meat Redux

Avoid red meat as much as possible, limiting consumption to once or twice a week in total. Try to avoid frying foods altogether, and consider a sautee alternative if the recipe allows for it.

Skip the Dairy

If you absolutely must have dairy, make sure that it is skim milk, cheese that is low-fat, or fat-free yogurt. For ice cream lovers, know that there are also 2% options that are options.

Once you’ve been cleared by a physician, a glass of red will become one of your favorite ways to improve your health.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a nursing assistant and healthy food blogger on a mission to teach people why cooking for yourself is the best decision you can make. Learn more by following Dev Randhawa.