Cellan Diet Pills : The Wonders of African Mango

cellan diet pills

The commonly known African mango is also known as wild mango or bush mango. The botanical name of the species is Irvingia or Irvingia gabonensis and hails from the family of Irvingiaceae. The plant is native to West Africa especially to the West African country of Cameroon.

The African mango is an edible fruit like other common mangos and the subtly aromatic nut inside the fruit proven to contain health promoting fat and protein. The flesh of the fruit contains fiber and has a sweet and bit of sour taste.

Native Cameroons have been using the nut to make a paste that is used as a thickener in soups and other dishes. The health benefit of the African mango has been a subject recently. Several studies have been performed to determine the healthful benefit of the fruit. According to some published reports the African mango seed inhibit body fat production by increasing the amount of leptin, a substance that is responsible for regulating the metabolism in the body and suppression of the appetite.

There is a great weight loss product called Cellan which is made of completely natural ingredients mainly including African mango. African mango seed powder is used in Cellan diet pills which help to burn fat and lose weight easily.

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